How is LineMine different?

Firstly, the focus is entirely on high quality drawings and models. All PDF drawings, from simple one page projects to complex multi page downloads focus on accuracy and clarity and include fully dimensioned plans where appropriate, plus 3D exploded perpectives, which may also be annotated. File sizes are kept as small as possible, and only the essental drawings that you need to make something are included.

 Secondly, you can now access key digital drawings, either in 3D model form or as 2D CAD drawings, which can be opened and edited. This allows you to customise projects in a unique way, fitting the finished item to your brief. Models always include full construction details, as do the CAD drawings, and any editing interacts with all existing dimensions so that you can see changes in sizes of components at a glance.

It is also a simple process to take elements from existing drawings and re-use them in a completely new project, and pre-selected elements are supplied for just that reason as well. 

Both of these processes are typical of professional digital drawing techniques, which employ re-cycling and re-use of drawn elements to save huge amounts of time and effort. Computer drawing is much quicker than drawing things by hand, even when starting from scratch,so including pre-drawn components is equivalent to engaging a turbo charger.


This is the basic free, lifetime membership which gives you access to lots of high quality PDF drawings in the Library which you can download. As a LineMine member you will also get special offers on online drawing courses. If you have a drawing of one of your projects that you would like to share in the Library, you will get an automatic free upgrade to Maker Plus once it is published.

Maker Plus

As a Maker Plus member, you can access all the PDF files in the LineMine Drawing Library, including the more complex and detailed projects. Some CAD files and SketchUp models are also available. As a maker who would like to gain business exposure, you get the option of linking any of your uploaded, published drawings to a website or other relevant URLs.

Maker Pro

With Maker Pro membership you get download rights to all drawings currently in the Library, including CAD files and SketchUp models. This membership level really puts the power to draw, customise and detail projects in your hands, potentially saving you hours of work on each set of drawings. Additionally, if you cannot see a particular project you need drawings for in the Drawing Library, you can request a search in the drawing archive. If you don't want to edit drawings yourself, there are special membership rates for customisation of existing drawings as well.