Wildlife and Pets

Wildlife and Pets

Includes dog kennels and rabbit hutches as well as birdboxes, bird tables and other objects to house animals, birds and insects.

Lean-to Bird Box Plan

PDF plans for a simple bird box, easy to make and install.

Dovecote Plans

Full plans including exploded 3D drawing, of a stylish wooden dovecote, plus fixing details on a post.

Standard Birdbox Plan

Simple one page plan of a standard birdbox. CAD file also available for this project.

Wren Birdbox Plan

Simple one page plan of a birdbox suitable for wrens.CAD drawing also available.

Large Dog Kennel Plan

A dog kennel plan for a larger dog, raised above ground for dryness and comfort, with a covered outside resting area.

Rabbit Hutch Model

3D SketchUp model of a rabbit hutch. Very simple and easy to build construction.

Rabbit Hutch Plan

Simple triangular section rabbit hutch, real economy of design and construction. Has a SketchUp model to go with it.

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