Drawings and plans of chairs including 3 versions of the classic Morris chair design, one of which is a rocking chair. Also includes a companion to the Shaker style writing desk as well as Carver and Dining chair combinations.

Morris Armchair Plan

Full plans of a Morris armchair. Also known as a Mission style or Arts and Crafts style chair.

Morris Armchair Plan (2)

Morris Armchair Plan with thinner arm slats

Morris Rocking Chair Plans

Complete plans of a Morris, Mission or Arts and Crafts style rocking chair

Shaker Style Writing Chair Plan

Full plans of a Shaker style writing chair, including cutting list and 3D exploded drawing

Carver and Dining Chair Plans

Full plans of a dining chair with a carver variation. No cutting list but 3D exploded drawing included.

Step Stool Plan

Library type steps which can also be used as a seat or stool. Plans include alternative step type, 3D exploded drawing and template at half full size.

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