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Garden Pergola Plan

Simple but elegant and easy to construct garden pergola. Plan includes 3D exploded drawing with annotations.


Swing Mirror Plan

Plans of the Swing Mirror to go with the SketchUp model.

Chisel Rack Plan

Simple one page plan for a chisel rack. The CAD version can easily be adjusted to suit different size chisels.

Storage Crate Model

If you want some storage that doesnt use plastic, here is one great idea; plywood storage crates which stack. This example is made from 6mm plywood but the thickness used can easily be increased. Plan to go with this model

Raised and Fielded Cupboard Door DWG

A CAD drawing of a a frame and panel cupboard size door with mortice and tenon joints. The panel is raised and fielded, shown in section.

Muntin Drawer Model

3D SketchUp model of a dovetail jointed drawer with a central muntin dividing the drawer bottom. As a bonus the drawer is fully textured with wood grain.

Morris Rocking Chair Plans

Complete plans of a Morris, Mission or Arts and Crafts style rocking chair

Small Garden Planter Plan

A simple small planter plan with 3D and cutting list.

Narrow Hall Table Plan

Complete plan of a narrow, traditional hall table

Oak Settle Plan

Full plans of an Oak Settle with modern jointing techniques throughout

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