This category will include a variety of drawer types and sizes for inclusion in projects.

Dovetail Drawer Set DWG

A CAD file with a set of dovetail drawers in side elevation. These are easy to edit, especially as there are 3, 4 and 5 pin drawers shown, so changing the height of the drawers by multiples is fairly straightforward using the STRETCH command in DraftSight.

Muntin Drawer Model

3D SketchUp model of a dovetail jointed drawer with a central muntin dividing the drawer bottom. As a bonus the drawer is fully textured with wood grain.

Hybrid Drawer Model

3D SketchUp model of a hybrid drawer, with the front joint a conventional lapped dovetail and the back shown plugged and screwed (screws not included in model to reduce file size.) The bottom is grooved into the sides and front, with slots cut into the back to allow screwing into the drawer back from below.

Biscuited Drawer Model

SketchUp model of a drawer with a false front, and a simple drawer box behind with all corner joints biscuited. The bottom is not grooved into the sides but planted on to bottom edges of the box, and pinned and glued.

Rebate Drawer Model

3D model of a drawer with the box constructed using rebates to create tongues into grooves or dadoes in the sides and front. The drawer has a planted or false front and no handle is included in the model.

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