The course is called CAD for Woodworkers because it teaches you how to use the software for a specific purpose, instead of teaching you everything about a particular program which many CAD training courses do. If you've always used a pencil and paper to sketch out your woodworking drawings, maybe its worth also pointing out a few of the things that CAD drawing can do for you.

;ACCURACY: As long as you follow some simple drawing rules, CAD drawings are ALWAYS 100% accurate, and you can use them to get measurements from. They are also great for templates.

SPEED: With a modest initial investment in time and effort, you will be repaid massively in terms of the speed you can produce drawings.

FLEXIBILITY: You've just spent a few hours drawing something, but realise you need to make a few changes, which will affect all the sizes. No problem, using simple editing commands, its all done in a few minutes, and your dimensions change with the edits you make.

STORAGE: You will always be able to find drawings, quickly and easily, even if you have hundreds of them.

SHARING: Send your drawings to anyone, anywhere, instantly, as PDF's which can be opened, viewed and printed universally.

In the CAD for Woodworkers course, using the free professional quality 2D CAD software, DraftSight,you are taken through a step by step process, starting with a section on setting up the workspace, and then introduced to the basic drawing and editing tools through the construction of a typical set of dimensioned elevations, in this case an Apothecary's Chest, originally designed and made by Kevin Ley. The course focuses throughout on what you need to know and learn to achieve the goal of drawing woodworking plans quickly and effectively.

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