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Free drawings

The Drawing Library has lots of great free drawings on a wide range of subjects for Makers to download. Just sign up to access PDF files.

Customise projects

Edit and customise the CAD files and SketchUp models available to members or as paid downloads through Shopify.

Online courses

Learn to draw and model things from scratch using free professional level software through specialist online courses for Makers.

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Drawing Library

All the drawings in the LineMine Drawing Library are of things that can be made.

Most projects are available as PDF files, which will always have the distinctive PDF logo in front of the document name.

Some projects are also available as CAD files, which can be identified by the DWG file name at the end of the document name.

There are also a number of drawings as 3D SketchUp files which are denoted by the word Model at the end of the document name.

LineMine Drawing Library

Design your own projects

Use FREE drawings software to customise and draw original projects

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CAD files and 3D SketchUp models are available from the Drawing Library, some as paid downloads with a BUY NOW button

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Using elements from existing drawings allows you to customise your projects for a perfect fit, saving huge amounts of work

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If you need to design and draw something from scratch, you can get advice and training on the best free software to use

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A great additional way to showcase your work is to upload drawn designs as PDF files to the Drawing Library,

SketchUp for Woodworkers course

Drawing Courses

LineMine also provides advice and courses on drawing software.

The drawing programs are chosen as the best in their class, and have to be FREE to download, in recognition that most makers only use computer drawing occasionally.

Online courses are available on SketchUp, a free 3D modelling program, DraftSight, a free CAD program, and coming soon, courses on Inkscape, a free graphics program.

Learning to draw

Learn how to use these great free drawing programs, with Inkscape on the way


The best and easiest to use free 3D modeller on the planet! Has taken 3D out of animation studios into the real world.


Doing for CAD what SketchUp has done 3D modelling. Easy to use, stable and hugely compatible with AutoCAD and more.


A real and free alternative to Illustrator, this powerful graphics program can edit and create text and line art in PDF file format.

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Joining LineMine

Sign up for free as a LineMine Maker member and you not only get access to lots of PDF files to download, but also special offers on drawing courses. The more complex projects in PDF format can be bought online through the Drawing Library.

For makers who need greater control over the end result of a project, CAD files and 3D models are now available, Some are free to members, and many others are available as paid downloads. These can be opened using either DraftSight or SketchUp, allowing you to make changes to dimensioned drawings with instant updates.

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