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Drawing on a computer

All the drawings in the LineMine Drawing Library are of things that can be made.

There are different types of drawings, like simple projects as PDFs or SketchUp models, which are free to download when you join Linemine.

With a membership upgrade you can also download full plans of more complex furniture projects, and CAD files which can be edited, allowing you customise projects and save huge amounts of time.

LineMine Drawing Library

LineMine also provides advice and courses on drawing software.

The drawing programs are chosen as the best in their class, and have to be FREE to download, in recognition that most makers only use computer drawing occasionally.

Online courses are available on SketchUp, a free 3D modelling program, DraftSight, a free CAD program, and coming soon, courses on Inkscape, a free graphics program.

As a Maker member of LineMine, you can download the free drawings that are available to you in the drawing library. Discounts are available to all members on LineMine drawing courses as well.

Upgrading your membership to Maker Plus gives you a much wider range of drawings, including many detailed plans in PDF format.

With Maker Pro membership you can go one stage further and customise your own designs, using the detailed CAD drawings available.

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CAD for Woodworkers online course

Whether you want to take advantage of the editable files in the Drawing Library or design something from scratch, there are online drawing courses available to help you.

These courses are available on several platforms, including a dedicated LineMine school, with discounts available to LineMine members.

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