You don't have to pay lots of money nowadays to get professional quality drawing software. In fact, the starting point here is you don't have to pay anything! Choosing the best free drawing program for your intended use is sometimes tricky, however, and the articles and reviews of drawing software in this section are intended to help.

Horses for courses

Huge numbers of woodworkers have discovered the benefits of using SketchUp to draw projects before actually making them. The fact that you can see the finished item in 3D, from any angle, means that small or even major changes can be made in a few minutes; proportions and colour can…

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Woodworking drawing; is SketchUp always the best option?

The huge growth in numbers of people using drawing software for craft applications is probably most marked in the woodworking and furniture design worlds. As an illustrator for a number of UK woodworking magazines, I used to get letters from readers asking how I drew the 3D exploded perspectives which appeared every…

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