In less than a decade SketchUp has established itself (with a bit of help from Google) as a world leader in 3D drawing. It has become hugely popular for all sorts of drawing applications, including architecture, interior design and crafts like woodworking and furniture making. So, why, and is this popularity justified on more grounds than just the fact that the basic version is free? The simple answer is a resounding YES! SketchUp is more fun to learn and use than almost any other software you are likely to encounter, and that is really saying something about a 3D modelling program ,many of which have a pretty tortuous learning curve. You really can start drawing things within a few minutes and much of this is down to the intuitive way the tools and drawing screen are designed, and the almost unique way that SketchUp constructs things in 3D. Without getting too technical, when you draw solid objects in many 3D computer programs, these objects are stored in the computers memory as mathematical entities; cubes, cones, spheres, polygons, and combinations of these and a few other 3D shapes.

SketchUp, on the other hand, remembers things as lines and flat surfaces, which combined go to make up apparent 3D objects. Even curves are made up of lots of small straight line segments. Its all one big sketch, basically!This makes it really easy to draw things, and really, really easy to edit your drawing as well. There are drawbacks and limitations to this approach, but overall, its a really great idea and makes is really easy and enjoyable to use. 9Overall7File share9Features9Platforms9Backing10Ease of use